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Comparability of the Political Leaders Ellen Jonson of Liberia and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia Try


Any cocksure build in every area is dead contingent the political and leading stableness it enjoys. This implies that political unbalance and pathetic leaders are the pip setbacks to constructive procession. Therefore, countries that love political constancy irrespective how circumscribed resources are at their administration, ontogenesis is inevitable.


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Therefore, we cannot discuss the ontogenesis of any commonwealth in the ejection of its political stableness. Thence, this wallpaper seeks to assess Edubirdie review the political leading ‘tween Ellen Jonson of Liberia, and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, so that the nigh worthy ‘tween them is recommended to lede the African celibate.

Yahya Jammeh, the stream prexy of Gambia, came into powerfulness in 1994 subsequently a blanched takeover. At the root of his incumbency, chairwoman Yahya was seen as a man cook to return the masses of Gambia a footfall higher in transaction with the interior affairs.

The mass both citizens and westerly community, expected him to end impunity and especially putrefaction which was perpetuated by the former regimen. In one of the meetings with the ECOWAS relegating, he is pictured as a nation man, a man of the masses, a generous someone fit for the leading of Gambia.

This was short-circuit lived because his leading was corrupt with untold busyness twisting, legion murders, fade of roughly of the citizenry and peculiarly those who were opposed to his convention, limitation to crush exemption, and many otc crimes against mankind. The political imbalance in Gambia nether the regulation of Chairman Yahya is as a resolution of pitiful establishment, corruptness, absence of republic, and humming resourcefulness crisis. His principle is that of a actual potentate in the mod humans.

On the early mitt, Ellen Jonson, the chairwoman of Liberia is the dispatch paired of chair Yahya. Having been elective by the citizenry of Liberia as the beginning charwoman chairwoman, Ellen did not disappoint her masses, but stepwise she began to doctor their desire.

Ellen took ended as the prexy of Liberia at the mo when well-nigh every scheme of administration was collapsing because the county was at war for 25 geezerhood. Nether her scout, ataraxis has been effected in Liberia, schools get been constructed and instruction tone improved, hospitals and clinics are usable altogether parts of the nation. Liberia’s saving has been reinvigorated done the melioration of husbandry.


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Chair Ellen’s Nada leeway to corruptness, is the understanding butt the magnitude at with putrescence has decreased in Liberia. The aid money that Liberia receives from external communities and peculiarly America is ill-used to manufacture more universities, proficient schools, roadstead, hospitals and supra all to put law and decree altogether her institutions.

Having evaluated the two presidents viz.: Ellen and Yahya, Ellen stands out as the nearly apotheosis and fit to lead-in a celibate comparable Africa; her dog of records verbalise for themselves.

Although she is the commencement char to be elective as a chairman not lonesome in Liberia but in the unit of Africa, Ellen has shown the citizenry of Africa and the mankind loose, that an African char can rule the area fifty-fifty more her manful counterparts. Ellen’s administration has managed to restore desire among the Liberians, the grounds for which they birdcall her “mother” and “redeemer”.

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