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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 were found a reference to the new part

Modern Warfare 2 fans closer than it might seem at first glance. One of them found a reference to the actual event in one of the games in the series, which was released back in 2010-th.

 Nick Hero – NuclearFPS. User was really very attentive to the gameplay, and saw in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 print edition, on pages where an article was published. It was devoted to the terrorist attack on London’s Piccadilly Circus. An explosion on one of the widest streets of Westminster proved to be the handiwork of one of the series antagonists. Loyal fans Call of Duty 6, Modern Warfare 2 – its final name – guessed that we are talking about Vladimir Makarov.

 So, as it turned out that the game Modern Warfare 2 is subsequently included in the terrorist attack plot is one of the missions.

 But not to take care not only NuclearFPS, – others drew attention to the discrepancy between the details. If nine years ago, the reason for the attack was the murder of Imran Makarova zakhayeva, the actual story Modern Warfare 2 contains information about the full health leader terrorist groups.

 Interestingly, the beta of the game took place relatively recently: only a few months ago. However, for users to put forward certain conditions. What – see the link above.

 Recall that the first broadcast of gameplay took place this summer. When the show was chosen mode « Firefight ».

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